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Launching: Circuit Club | Advan - Neova Challenge 2016

11th April 2016

When Yokohama came to us back in 2011 with a new idea to reward users of their then newly launched Neova tyre we were intrigued. We loved the performance and usability of the Advan Neova right from get-go (and we loved it more again when they launched the AD08R some years later) so coupled with the chance to promote some friendly competition we knew the Advan Neova Cup was an event worth promoting.

At the same time, things were really heating up at the World Time Attack Challenge. We watched in awe as the big guns battled it out in Pro Class, each year getting faster and sporting more aero than the year before. But closest to our hearts has always been the Club Sprint Class. Here we got to watch and support our friends, the people who tracked with us at our humble Wakefield Park trackdays. These were the people who started with street cars and slowly developed their cars and themselves into competition machines.

So when this year an opportunity came up to bring everything together we knew we wanted to be a part. Today we are excited to present to you the Circuit Club Advan Neova Challenge for 2016.

The format is simple. Your car must meet WTAC Club Sprint Class regulations and be running on Advan Neovas. From there, you can submit a Natsoft lap time from any Circuit Club Trackday from now until WTAC October 2016. The leader board will be updated after each Trackday and the fastest outright lap times on the leader board at the end of our Labour Day Trackday 2016 at Wakefield Park will take home these amazing prizes.

Circuit Club Advan Neova Challenge Prizes

Fastest Outright

  • Fully sponsored entry into WTAC Club Sprint Class 2016 to represent Circuit Club
  • One supplied set Neova AD08R tyres supplied for competition
  • $1000 Circuit Club credit

 Second Outright

  • One supplied set Neova AD08R tyres supplied for competition
  • $500 Circuit Club credit

Third Outright

  • One free Circuit Club Trackday

Entry into the competition is free and all competitors will receive a complimentary Competitors Pack (we’re still working on putting this pack together) and be in with a chance on some cool lucky door prizes (also to be confirmed!).

If you have ever thought about competing in time attack don’t miss this opportunity! And if you’re not so much into competing at WTAC please support the competitors when you see them out at Trackdays and ultimately the winner who will be representing all of us at Circuit Club in the Club Sprint Class WTAC 2016!

For full terms and conditions visit the Yokohama website here.  To enter simply message us on our Facebook page.

We thank Yokohama Advan and World Time Attack Challenge for sponsoring and making the Circuit Club Advan Neova Challenge possible!

Hidden Behind the Scenes

09th January 2016

Circuit Club Jacky Yick

The Proconcept IPRA Team, 2007. Jacky Yick and George Yick on the right.

Originally posted by Narada Kudinar, 23.08.11.

At our Trackdays, we get a variety - owners with their girlfriends, owners with their mates, owners and their mechanics - but there is one combination I am truly at envy with. It's the owners and their Dads.

Having your Dad as part of your team must be one of the greatest combinations one could hope for. He is probably someone you looked up to as a kid, then got a little awkward with growing up as you grew bangs and started smoking. But, I can only imagine, that as you get old enough to own your own car, its Dad who is all of a sudden your best friend again.

He can wash your car for you, or maybe change the tyres and check the tyre pressures. He will spend countless hours in the backyard shed making up an aluminium undertray so you can have that extra bit of downforce at the next event. And, when all else fails, out comes that wallet to help with those couple of new tyres you need to set a PB.

Unlike your mechanic, he won't charge you for his time. Unlike your best friend, he doesn't even want to drive your car (incase he breaks something, but more than likely he doesn't want to look slower than you). And unlike your girlfriend, he won't complain that you are spending too much time with your car.

Perfect right?

Circuit Club Jacky Yick

The ultimate father/son combo I've seen is Jacky Yick and his dad George. Always smiling, always working, but always hidden in the background. I bet you never knew that although Proconcept did a great job building his now famous red Civic, that the most probable reason for Jacky's extra edge of speed was all those hours George spent on his car after hours tweaking little bits here and there in his Ashfield backyard shed.

Sadly, I just heard that he is no longer with us. So here's to you George - may father/son track car combinations continue for as long as car racing exists!

Introducing Advan Trackdays!

04th July 2013

For the first time, Yokohama Advan Tyres are hosting their very own Trackdays, hosted by your's truly! The aim? To thank their loyal customers by providing a bargain event as well as introduce new Advan tyres to those who don't use them yet.

Run in a very similar way to our normal Circuit Club events, the trackdays will cater to all types of drivers, from "track whores" to "track virgins" as well as World Time Attack Challengers who are looking to get some practice laps in.

There will be two events - Winton on the 3rd August and Wakefield on the 21st August. The prices are $170 and $180 respectively, but if you are already running Yokohama Tyres (ADVAN A050, A048, AD08 or the new AD08Rs) simply enter the code NEOVA-R when booking to receive $35 off.

Each event will be timed and include a tyre technician on hand with a Pyrometer to help you make the most of your car setup.

Lastly, the long awaited new Advan Neova AD08-R will be available to preview and preorder!

With only 45 places available at each event, spots are strictly limited!

Click here to book for Winton.

Click here to book for Wakefield.

CCweek 08-02-13

08th February 2013

The Best Photos So Far

We are always eager to see what photographers can come up with a couple of weeks after shooting one of our events – especially anticipating whether we will see one with our own car in it! But Circuit Club have always been big supporters of great photography, so here are 5 that really did it for us over the last couple of weeks.

JDM YARD Honda – This photo really captures the anticipation of heading out for your first shakedown laps in a freshly finished car. Car and driver waiting for a gap in traffic and the team collectively standing there with worried looks on their faces…

S12 Silvia – What a rare car! Not only is it nice to see the less popular, neglected siblings of iconic cars, but the mid-corner stance of this car suggests its also very nicely sorted too!

R31 Pre-Apex – Matt Mead said it all when he posted this on our FB page – This thing was sick! Great photo – a very difficult one to shoot too.

No Speed Limits – Beautiful shot, but more interestingly, great to see the difference between a high-powered car on the brakes and the less powerful Honda still on it at the apex of Turn 1!

Maximum – This RX-7 is just doing it all – opposite lock with the rear tyre hanging off the very edge of the racetrack. If this car isn’t on the limit, then what is?!

Photos Courtesy of Berty and Matthew Mead

New Zen = More Zen

This week we dropped in for a casual hello at Zen Garage to check out the progress of the new shop fitout. After only a year, they’ve decided to change things up and the progress is already looking stunning. Somehow, they’ve reconfigured the space to make it look and feel so much bigger!

There is more to come though – supposedly there might be some grass coming?!

Lots of photos have popped up from Australia Day and we go and check out how Zen Garage is going with their new shop fitout progress." style="text-align: right; margin:10px 0px 10px 200px">

CCweek 01-02-13

01st February 2013

Our first Trackday of 2013 has come and gone and the Honda Fanboys have gone wild! We recap our Australia Day Trackday, Ask JDMyard how it felt to have an 8-year project finally run and see how fast a FWD car can be…

Q&A with JDMyard

JDMyard, after a hard weeks work (following 8 years of anticipation), finally got their Mugen-kitted, carbon-doored, spot welded DC5R out onto the circuit. Here is what they had to say:

Q. The JDMyard DC5R FINALLY makes its debut on the track = Honda Fanboy’s minds blown. How did it feel after so many years sitting in the warehouse?

A. *Multiple fist pump*, yes, yes ,yes ,yes, the same feeling and relief Mark Webber got when he won the German GP back in 09.  

It's been a love/hate relationship between the DC5 and JDMyard, pushing it in and out of the workshop everyday for the last 8 years has taken its toll on us, at one point we almost loss interest in it, just because its been such a long build (we've moved shop 3 times since the build started). There's an on going joke in the shop about it being the "Hardpark King".  Mind you, the goal has always been to finish it and go racing, but with just so many other projects on the go, we left the DC5 in a dark corner of the workshop and focused on other stuff. You know, nothing ever stays constant, its always changing so we bit the bullet this year and decide to finally get it done. With more space at Smithfield, and the right team members in place; it was a good feeling to finally see it out there at Wakefield on Monday.

Q. Natsoft recorded 1.09, though in an untimed session, you guys posted a 1.07.98 – is this where you thought you would be?

A. TBH in morning while loading up the car we said "if nothing breaks, it would be a good day". 1:09 I think was during a semi-wet lap; every time we went out for a timed session the weather would turn bad on us. Adam Casmiri is a young, up and coming talented driver; definitely one to look out for and was responsible for the 1:07.98. After coming into the pits from the first session, the expression on his face was priceless. "its such an easy car to drive, I think there's more in it guys" 

Q. What did you learn on the day and what’s next?

A. In the pits we actually joked about it after posting the 1:07, saying "all it needs now is another 200kw and it should be good", LOL. In all seriousness the alignment and shock settings on the day was set to "safe". Based on the tyre temps and wear, it could do with a more aggressive setup to make the most out of the tyres. In the coming weeks we'll be doing a full spanner check on the car and fine-tuning the suspension. 

It’s amazing how rain can be such a deterrent...

With the flooding in QLD and hectic storms approaching, many were cautious about making the drive down to Wakefield Park on Monday Morning. Before a Trackday, we always get the questions in our inboxes: “If it rains, will the Trackday still be on?”

OF COURSE IT WILL BE! We drive rain or shine… just not hail. So if you wake up to a rainy Sydney, we have 2 things to say:

  • If it’s raining in Sydney, it doesn’t mean it’s raining at Wakefield Park. Heck, if it’s raining in Goulburn, it doesn’t mean it’s raining at Wakefield Park. It didn’t start raining till 2.30 last Monday, so we got a great dry run =)
  • Even if it does rain, it gives you an opportunity like no other. Learn how to drive fast in the wet and stay in control of your car. It’s the safest way to learn how to drive sideways!

Almost breaking the 59sec barrier…

BYP Racing and Developments also came down to our Trackday to just run some checks with a new cooling system they installed and to make sure it all worked properly. So they weren’t actually in a serious mindset when the following lap occurred. We can’t wait till they hit 59 seconds – its not a matter of if, but when!

Our first Trackday of 2013 has come and gone and the Honda Fanboys have gone wild! We recap our Australia Day Trackday, Ask JDMyard how it felt to have an 8-year project finally run and see how fast a FWD car can be…" style="text-align: right; margin:10px 0px 10px 200px">
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